Self-Care Activity Pack


This pack contains seven enjoyable activities to harness the energy of colour for your own self-care:

• ‘Life Rings’ – recall happy memories and encourage a positive mindset

• ‘Dinner Plate’ – form healthier eating habits

• ‘Parachute’ – use colours to help when feeling unhappy or anxious

• ‘Precious Time’ – record conscious choices for how you spend your time

• ‘My Colour Dial’ – use colours to calm, balance and energise

• ‘Shower’ – a great visualisation to start and/or end your day

• ‘Staircase’ – focused goal setting for new positive behaviour

Order for yourself or for friends, family or a group you are involved with.



Colouricity studies our physical and emotional responses to colour and creates tools and experiences that help us understand how to use colour, in our everyday lives, to aid self-care and our wellbeing.

All you need to do these activities:

• A pack of coloured pencils

• A quiet space where you will not be disturbed

Enjoy your colour adventure!