Colouricity® studies our physical and emotional responses to colour and creates tools and experiences that help us understand how to use colour, in our everyday lives, to aid self-care, communication, emotional intelligence, cognitive resilience and our wellbeing.

Kath Wright has created Colouricity®… ‘it’s like electricity but using colour.’ Collect unique artwork, activity packs and experience workshops that harness the power of colour to aid self-care, inspire creativity, increase energy, help manage emotions and improve mood, shape our environment and improve general wellbeing.

Kath’s personal life experiences and informed sensitivity to the subtle power of colours have led her to study Colour Therapy. Life experiences make positive and negative impressions on each of us, and the latter may well manifest at some point in our lives as dis-ease. The deliberate selection and presentation of colour in different ways can counteract negativity, and heightened consciousness can benefit our emotional, mental and physical health.