‘Wavelengths’ Team Wellness Workshops

Wavelength = a person’s ideas and way of thinking, especially as it affects their ability to communicate and work effectively with others.

Does your company culture prioritize your Team’s Wellness?

Organisations with effective wellness offerings experience lower staff turnover rates, reduced absenteeism cost savings as well as increased productivity, engagement, and morale. Prioritising wellness should be a company-wide effort.

A two hour ‘Wavelengths’ Team Workshop explores how to harness the energy of different colours for your health and home and includes:

• Knowledge nuggets on how to use colour to aid self-care, emotional intelligence and cognitive resilience

• Shared therapeutic sensory experiences

• Fun team quests to help everyone take action

• Activities to get to know your colleagues better and improve communication in a supportive environment



This workshop can be delivered at Colouricity (HD1) for up to a team of eight or at your location in a space suitable to seat up to a team of twelve people.

Price: £275 for a team of eight at Colouricity HD1. £375 for a team of twelve at a chosen location (additional travel costs may apply). 



This workshop can be delivered online on Zoom by arrangement.

Price: £250 for a team of up to twelve online


Do you qualify for a funded session?

This experience may be funded by TSL (groups of 6 to 12). Funding is open to teams of staff and volunteers from any public sector or voluntary and community sector organisations who have been working extra hard to support people and keep services running over the last couple of years, and could do with a break and a thank you.

The offer is open to anyone who needs it, from committees and partnerships, to boards and trustees and includes, charity workers, volunteer groups, Council staff, health and social care workers, teaching staff, and emergency services.


Takeaway activity packs

£7.00 per person


To book a ‘Wavelengths’ Team Workshop please call Kath Wright on 07929 206208 or email kath@colouricity.co.uk